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KatsTrades will do various home improvement work you need, from deep cleaning to the smallest of fixes and even organization! It can be tough to get great service for all those odd errands around the house you simply don’t have time for. Kats Trades understands that your growing “To Do” list can feel overwhelming. Call today and start feeling at ease — you’ll be glad you did.


Options Are Always Open

Everyone's Situation Is Different. Therefore, So Are Their Needs. And In Understanding This, Adjustments Can Always Be Made To Create A Win-Win Opportunity. That's Why Kats Trades Can Complete Services For You, On Your Time, Your Schedule, And Your Convenience With The Work Guaranteed!



When It Comes To Keeping The House Clean We Often Times Find Ourselves Way To Busy To Keep It As Clean As We'd Like. Instead Of Coming Home And Worrying About The Dirt On Your Floor Or The Dirty Dishes In Your Sink, Call Kats Trades! We'll Be Happy To Do It For You For A Reasonable Price! You'll Be Able To Start Coming Home To A Clean House And You'll Be Able To Spend Your Time On More Important Things Like Sharing Time With You're Loved Ones!

Orange Wall


If You Have A Can Of Paint That Your Finding Your Self Struggling To Open, Or If You Can't Decide What Color You Want To Paint You're Living Room Than Just Send Us An Email! We Have Just The Thing You Need!

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